Who Wears Flowers At Weddings?

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Flowers play an important role in weddings. Brides sometimes spend a lot of hours trying to figure out which flowers they want in their bridal bouquet as well as garlands. Centerpieces and other arrangements are all important aspects of the reception and ceremony décor.

Who Wears Flowers at Wedding?

Still, there’s one aspect of wedding flowers that leave engaged couples confused at times: Who wears flowers at weddings? If you are currently planning your wedding, here is a guide etiquette guide to the different types of floral arrangements and who wears them.


The corsage is a small bundle of flowers that’s either tied to a woman’s wrist or pinned to the lapel of her clothing. The term corsage comes from the French word bouquet de corsage, which refers to a grouping of flowers for the bodice.

The groom’s mother, the bride’s mother, a female officiant, both sets of grandmothers, and any female readers should all get corsages. For a modern twist, use a large, elegant flower for the corsage such as a flat garden rose and use ribbon to cover the elastic band.


Boutonniere is a word that’s taken from the French word for buttonhole. It is a small, single flower or a grouping of 2 or 3 flowers that’s typically worn on the lapel of the groom or that of other men in the ceremony.

The groom, the groom’s father, the bride’s father, the groomsmen, both sets of grandfathers, the ringbearer, any ushers, a male officiant, and any male readers should all wear boutonnieres. It is advisable to ask the florist to design the flowers so that the complement the color, shape, or floral choices of the bridal bouquet.

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who wears flowers at weddingHair Flowers

Hair flowers are entirely optional, but brides can consider them for themselves, their bridesmaids, or their flower girls. Brides with simple hairstyles should use large flowers. However, smaller flowers look better for brides with an intricate style. Keep in mind that anybody from the flower girl to the bride can wear a floral crown instead of or in addition to carrying a bouquet.

Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet is a flower arrangement the bride carries down the bride and holds during portraits. It is one of the most important floral elements in a wedding. Depending on the flowers chosen, bridal bouquets come in different sizes, colors, shapes, and styles. This makes each one a unique floral masterpiece. Flower stems may be left exposed or wrapped in a handkerchief, lace, or ribbon.

Bridesmaid Bouquet

The bridesmaid bouquet is usually a smaller and less elaborate version of the bridal bouquet. It has similar flowers and a matching color palette. Bridesmaid bouquets are usually identical to each other. However, a popular trend is where brides ask wedding florists to create bridesmaid bouquets that are complementary in style and color as opposed to being exact clones.


Men in the Family

Of course several males are also on your list for who wears flowers at wedding you’re planning. The groom as well as the groomsmen require boutonnieres are the traditional ones. Additionally, the ring bearer will need to have a smaller boutonniere to make certain visual continuity for the wedding ceremony.

But don’t forget, just like the mothers are honored with a nosegay or corsage, and so the fathers should be with boutonnieres. You could also elect to supply the officiant and ushers using the gender-appropriate floral piece for his or her role.

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Other Women in the Family

You can also choose to honor other women in the family who aren’t directly active in the wedding day party. Keep your distribution equal, which means that if the groom’s sister receives flowers that the bride’s sister should also. This could be aunts, preachers, singers, etc.


Grandparents and great-grandparents who’s able to attend the ceremony also should to be honored. For couples with one or more step-parent, things can occasionally get a little sticky. Sometimes the biological parents are offended if their ex’s new partner is included while some accept it. You should decide for yourself how you can answer this dilemma.

Final Thoughts

Flowers and floral arrangements play a key role in weddings. Now that you know who wears flowers at weddings, ensure that you include everyone. Good luck if you have decided to have your family members wear boutonnieres, corsages, or even floral crowns.