Wedding Home Decoration Ideas

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Do you need wedding home decoration ideas? Want a cheap wedding? A home wedding can be a glamorous and beautiful event. For a couple looking for a more intimate setting that is affordable, a home wedding is the way to go.

Decorating a home wedding requires you to be very keen while blending your personality with the wedding theme, style, color and décor. What else would best showcase a couple’s personal traits better if not a home setting? Whatever attitude or atmosphere you create in your wedding ceremony reflects the kind of memories every attendee will have. You obviously want great memories.

There are various things you need to take into account though, before actually starting to decorate your wedding home. They include:

  • -Is the wedding going to be indoors or outdoors?
  • -Consider the space required
  • -Make a good Plan
  • -Decide on your wedding style: All details should match the wedding style

The wedding home décor will be beautiful. However, you need to know what will draw attention. Create a series of great décor focal points. For instance, you can build up a fireplace, either a gas fireplace, electric fireplace or a wooden fireplace and decorate it with flowers and mood changing lighting.

What kind of wedding celebration do you want? Is it a cocktail party or a sit-down party? If it is a sit down party, you will have to invest more in the reception décor. You will need a variety of table designs, table centerpieces, personalized floral arrangements, lanterns, hand fans and candles. Artistically designed, well draped chairs and elegant lighting are also part of reception decoration. Tablescaping would also work very well for a complete wedding home decoration. It involves the placement of crockery, glassware, dishes and table runners in a flawless arrangement.

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For a cocktail party, make that happy and fun hour of drinking more rustic. You can add chalkboards for signs, colorful drinks, nice presentation of food items, and the touch of lantern lighting, flowers and birdcages.

If the wedding will be outdoors, pay special attention to lighting. You could use garden lights, paper lanterns and small lights on trees for a dreamy and romantic touch. As for the décor, use greenery like fresh flowers for the wedding arch. You can plant the same flowers in the landscape.


How to choose wedding home decoration color:

  • -Do research

Art galleries, magazines and close friends’ weddings can be a great source of inspiration. Looking towards real art may open up your eyes to more creative color schemes.

  • -Consult

You can consult friends, family and wedding planners on the colors that match the bridal gown. Typically, the colors that work well together are the opposites. They match very well. For instance, a wedding theme that has incorporated sky blue, coral, turquoise and orange could be beautiful. Think of other color pairings such as blush and fuchsia, orange and sunshine yellow.

The best and simple way to create a color palette is pairing a bright color with a cool, neutral color like gray, violet, gold or blush.

  • -Consider what you love

The colors that could best inspire wedding home decoration are those which you can live with. What is the favorite color for your clothes? Use that as the beginning point for selecting the hues for your wedding.

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