Tips To Help The Couple Fund The Honeymoon

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How many hours have you spent planning and budgeting for your wedding?  A lot of effort! So much planning go into creating your ideal wedding that sometimes the honeymoon planning and budgeting can be neglected. It is as crucial to organize to your honeymoon as it is to organize for your big day, and doing it as far ahead of time as possible is crucial.

My Top 3 Tips to Funding the Honeymoon of Your Dreams:

fund the honeymoon1. Checkout the Budget Honeymoon Travel Sites

Travel sites understand the necessity to budget for a honeymoon and sometimes provide cheap deals and discounts. This is especially if you book early on and out of season. It is additionally recommended to consider the value destinations for a honeymoon. For instance, if you wish to travel out of the borders of the USA, Mexico can be budget friendly, as well as visiting Las Vegas. Vegas has rooms for all budgets as well as activities.

If you are wanting some fun in the sun with a beautiful beach view, the Caribbean provides excellent deals on packages for honeymoons. Jamaica and Hawaii are also beautiful and popular honeymoon destinations. They are romantic and perfect, but can be a little more pricey.

Don’t forget that you can get even lower rates if you travel during off peak seasons. So even if the wedding is to take place during a popular travel season, you can save money by planning your honeymoon a little further down the road. Whether it’s weeks or months down the road, you will get more bang for your buck traveling during off peak season. Ask you local travel agent for details!

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2. Skip the Traditional Wedding Registry

This is especially good if you already have a house set up. By skipping a traditional registry, you can request cash gifts from guests to aid fund the honeymoon. Though it can be a little awkward asking family and friends for cash gifts,  it’s easy to spread the word that cash contributions are appreciated and that they will go to help pay for the honeymoon. There are even cash wedding registry sites that can make gift giving easy for your friends and family.

fund the honeymoon


Keep in mind that not all guest, especially older ones, will want to gift cash as presents. Or they could have limited funds. So don’t depend solely on guest contributions to fund your dream honeymoon.

3. Just Plain Old Save Your Money

Sure you can stuff twenty’s under your mattress every payday. But we all know the best and safest way is utilizing a savings account, preferably one with a rate of return. Just be sure to start planning you savings planning early so you can be sure to reach your desired goal. Not to mention a bank is going to be the safest place to keep you money. You even get bonus points for it being at a different bank than where you hold your checking account to prevent temptation from dipping in for wedding items.

Please be aware that the online honeymoon wedding registries charge fees, so while this could be easier for guest, it will eat into your total amount saved. It’s important to know all the pros and cons of each choice you have.

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Other Things To Remember When Planning A Honeymoon

Usually a comprehensive honeymoon package is usually the smartest choice. You should keep in mind all the costs involved when planning your trip. Things such as flights, transportations, hotels, food, drinks, activities, entertainments, etc should also all be thought out and included in the overall budget.