Gorgeous and Unique Table Arrangements for Wedding Receptions

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So your special day is getting closer. Congratulations! Your wedding day is a day you will remember and treasure forever – and no doubt you want everything to be perfect. This is especially true in regards to your wedding reception and the decor you choose to set the mood. Are you on the lookout for inspiration to help you set up a table that will dazzle and captivate your guests? Consider these ideas for gorgeous and unique table arrangements for wedding receptions!

 Sheet Music Rose Flower Arrangement

This idea is excellent for brides who want to add a little DIY touch to their nuptials. The idea is to take sheet music and craft a bouquet of roses. You will need sheet music (our suggestion? Use sheet music of your favorite song, or even a song that means something to you and your beloved!), scissors, a glue gun equipped with glue sticks, green paper to serve as leaves (although you can use sheet music for these, as well, if you prefer), sticks to serve as stems, and a vase to keep your arrangement.

The idea is to cut out petal-shaped pieces from your sheet music in various sizes. Use your stem sticks to curl each petal. Then, using your glue gun, attach each piece to form a rose! Glue this, as well as your leaves, to your stem sticks and arrange these in your vase. These make beautiful and highly unique table arrangements.

Floating Candle Centerpieces

This is an idea that is super simple to put together. You will need to purchase a few floating candles and glass bowls. If you are using small tables at your reception, plan on one glass bowl per table and two or three floating candles per bowl. You can find floating candles online and at craft stores, and they come in a variety of different shapes and themes to match your vision for your special day. If you are planning to use larger tables, purchase three bowls per table (one on each end, and one in the center).

All you need to do is light each candle and place them in glass bowls for a cozy and warm ambiance. Of course, if you desire a little something extra, you can add some more DIY flair to your centerpieces. At your local craft store, purchase Mod Podge, which is a glue that dries perfectly clear. If you select the sparkling variety, brush it on each glass bowl. fall wedding reception ideas

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Fall Themed Wedding Idea

Here is an extra idea for Autumn-themed weddings: Purchase floating candles that match your theme, such as those in the shape of pumpkins or maple leaves. Next, gather some leaves outdoors. Autumn leaves will work best, although you can use whichever type of leaf you desire. Purchase original Mod Podge (that dries clear) and, on your glass bowls, add a layer of Mod Podge. Stick your leaves to the bowls and allow this to dry. And there you have it! Perfect Autumn-themed floating candle centerpieces.

Are You Interested in a Banquet Hall?

Looking for hall decoration for wedding reception ideas? A wedding is the most important event in a couple’s life. You can make a simple arrangement for your wedding hall décor or opt to transform it into an exceptionally memorable big day. Decorating the wedding hall with style, elegance and beauty is essential in this regard. To add more glamour to your wedding reception, you just need to find a nice theme for your wedding, color, style and upgraded items in music, menu, reception centerpieces and lighting.

What is your wedding hall contract? Is it a social hall, a palace or a historical museum? Nowadays, wedding hall providers give you permission to apply your flair of wedding decoration design and items to decorate the hall as per your creativity or taste.  Better still, they can decorate the wedding hall for you.

How to choose the best banquet hall:

Wedding reception is an important bit in any wedding ceremony. A banquet hall can help you make your reception a memorable experience to your guests. There are multiple banquet halls. You need to be keen and pay attention to several small details when choosing one for your wedding. Here are the tips:

  • Budget

Do you want a cheap wedding? What is your financial capability? Plan well on your budget and narrowing down your choices will be easy.

  • Food and beverage

This is a crucial part in regard to keeping your guests up to the task. Some banquet halls provide their own food, while some allow outside catering to be chipped in. So, if the banquet hall has its own indoor catering, you need to know the kind of food and beverage plans they put in place. Most of them have a wide range of options in their menu. You just need to be creative and select the items as per your personality and needs. Do this in regard to your budget and wedding requirements.

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  • Decoration

You surely want a personalized wedding reception. Does the banquet hall allow any kind of alterations? Some banquet halls provide hall decoration for wedding reception supplies while some offer to do the interior décor as per your customization needs. wedding reception ideas

Here are some stylish hall decorations for wedding reception tips:

  • Decorate the entrance

When planning to decorate your reception hall, make a first impression at the entrance. You can use decorative floral arrangements, paper lanterns hanging outdoors and a red carpet if appropriate. A sign board, photo frame or a chalk board can fit in well with the other décor.

  • Drape your reception hall ceiling

Ceilings are often a focal point. An easy way to cover up the unappealing ceiling is by using colorful fabric. Plain colors like white with a touch of floral add-ons can work out great. If possible, you can add strands of lights paired with a sheer, darker fabric to create a display like the sky at night.

  • Cover the floor

The floor can sometimes be unsightly with old carpet patterns. You can cover the floor with rental carpets or parquet portable floors that are usually wooden.

  • Use a variety of tables and table decoration items

While long tables can be the ideal arrangement for a family setting, you can use more creative style setting of tables. Make sure not to stick with one shape and size for each table. This will help you add a large space and set a unique seating plan.

When it comes to reception décor, a table should be very attractive. Use significant centerpieces, floral or non floral. Tablescaping is a significant element of hall decoration for wedding reception. Place crockery, dazzling glassware, dishes and table runners for a flawless and stylish look.

  • Cake table

Want a more romantic hall corner? You just need to elevate the wedding cake table using the best accents for décor such as banners, buntings and an aesthetic background.

These are gorgeous and unique table arrangements for wedding receptions that will help you in making your day truly unforgettable. Apply these hall decorations for wedding reception ideas and make your wedding a lasting memory.