Ideas for a Stunning Flower Wedding Bouquet

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So you’re getting married – congratulations! Of course, this is a time of your life that you will remember and hold dear to your heart for a lifetime. Therefore, you deserve a wedding bouquet that is just as stunning as you are! Consider these flower wedding bouquet ideas that will elevate your walk down the aisle to perfection.

DIY Ribbon Rose Bouquet

This is a wonderful idea for your wedding bouquet for a few reasons – one, you get to add a special element to your wedding by crafting your bouquet yourself. Two, this bouquet will last forever! So what is involved with a ribbon rose bouquet?

As the name suggests, you need to make roses out of ribbon. To do this, you will roll the ribbon while twisting it – you can use any length of ribbon that you desire, although we do suggest using silk ribbon. Secure, and then attach to pins. Grab a foam ball, and cover it with your roses by sticking in the pins. Add a way for you to hold the bouquet, such as two poles wrapped in ribbon. Add some gems or pearls for an extra touch. The good thing about this bouquet is that you can select any color roses you want!

Succulent Bouquet

One trend that is becoming more and more popular among brides is to walk down the aisle holding a lovely bouquet of succulents. That’s right! You can make a unique statement with these beauties, which work wonderfully with a Southwestern-themed wedding. The best part? After your special day, you can save the succulents from your bouquet and plant them in a home garden.

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Wildflower Bouquet

Many brides are skipping the florist and opting to, instead, walk down the aisle holding a bouquet of wildflowers. These are not only a breath of fresh air in terms of breaking tradition, but a bouquet of this sort also provides you with an opportunity to add a personal element. For example, you can select wildflowers from a field located in your home town or the home town of your intended. Or you can select flowers from your home, or out of a field you visited with your husband-to-be during a special date (provided you have permission).


flower wedding bouquet 2

Once you have selected your wildflowers, trim the stems to ensure that they look neat and are even. Finish the bouquet up by tying the stems together using ribbon. If you are going for a country theme, why not use a little bit of burlap and lace?

Paper Pinwheel Bouquet

Are you hoping for a wedding day that is touched by a little bit of whimsy? If so, adding a pinwheel to each bouquet is sure to do just that. When you have your flowers selected, choose some fun pinwheels that you believe will look well with the floral arrangement. Tie one pinwheel to the front of each bouquet, ensuring that the flowers are able to be seen behind the pinwheel. Ensure that each bouquet, yours and those belonging to your maids, are cohesive.