Flower Arrangements For Church Wedding Decoration

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Wedding flowers for church decoration will ensure that your wedding ceremony has a beautiful setting. The right wedding altar flower arrangements should not only coordinate well with the theme and formality of your wedding but also with the ambiance of the church. Couples have several options available for decorating this sacred space in the church front, but the ultimate choice will depend on the structure and size of the altar.

Different Types of Flower Arrangements for Church Wedding Decoration

Pedestal Arrangements

Flowers mounted on pedestals at the altar stand out as they are easier to see. Pedestal arrangements for weddings can be adorned with beautiful ribbons. Bows can also add color and tie the whole theme together.

 Floor Urns

Floor urns can be as large and dramatic as the space allows and is therefore usually more suitable for large churches with more visible space.

Unity Candle Flower Arrangements

If you plan on having a unity candle ceremony as part of your wedding vows, a practical and lovely way to decorate the altar is with special floral arrangements that include ceremonial candle holders.

Table Garlands

Table garlands can be used to decorate any size altar. The arrangements are usually kept low to prevent obstructing the view. They can be adorned with any number of decorations such as softly glowing candles, ribbons, and tulle for the table cover.

Table Vases

One of the easiest and most economical ways to decorate an altar is by filling simple vases with stunning blooms. Most importantly vases can be placed anywhere and are easy to move to the reception location if necessary.

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Choosing Flower Arrangements for Church Wedding Decoration

Most florists offer coordinated wedding flower packages that include arrangements for the altar, pews, and other floral decorations throughout the church. But, if you would like something unique, special floral arrangements can be created to suit your personal preferences. Therefore, the cost will be affected by the type and availability of the flowers you choose, the number and style of the arrangements, the size of arrangements, and any other related costs.

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In addition to decorating the wedding altar, similar floral touches can be added throughout the rest of the church to create a beautifully coordinated appearance. This will set the mood for a romantic, magical ceremony. Some examples include:

  • Floral accents, bows, and garlands for pews and special floral accents throughout the church
  • Garlands, urns or floral arches at the entrance
  • Flower petals scattered down the aisle and down the steps
  • Hanging wreaths and floral arrangements for the door of the church
  • Floral decorations for the steps to make your photographs special
  • Coordinated arrangements and decorative candles in the entryway

With so many beautiful options available it is easy to create a gorgeous, romantic church setting that can be coordinated with flower decorations at the reception venue. Certain churches may have restrictions as to the type and size of floral displays for ceremonies. Before choosing the flowers for your church wedding decoration, inquire about any restrictions to avoid conflicts. Adaptations that could entirely change your setting at the last minute.